Midtone Art Products Ltd.
Address:#368 Shenshan road Tong Le section,Longgang Distric,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
Midtone Art Products was founded in 2012 and rapidly established itself internationally as a premier manufacturer of quality and high-end glass products.Our products include artistic glass decor,collectible objects d’art,high-end wine bottle and decanter designs and state-of-the-art techniquesfor printing on glass.We are recognized for our innovative skills in design and development,and provide a full line of services from customized design to production.Our present customersinclude ternationally famous wine brands and department stores,among them,Wu Liang Ye Group,Montai Group,Si Feng Group,Hobby Lobby and Pier 1,to name a few. Our design team includes master designers and artists from our native China,as well as the othercountries of Asia,Europe,and the United States.We are recognized as leaders in combining oriental and western cultural influences into unique and desirable glass collections.Our techniques continue to evolve with our rich international collaboration. Corporate Culture is human centered.Our slogan is:a wonderful day is created by you and me!Our team is young and energetic.We believe people are the core of the company and we respect,understand and (respect) care about people is incorporated in the company’s administration,putting the employee first.Everyone at Midtone Art Products contributes to the goals of the company.In order to strengthen the management of company,we maintain a modern business system,including marketing,excellent customer service-together as one goal.All at Midtone Art products strive for a team approach to everything we do.And we keep a close relationship among each and every member to build on a team cohesiveness to ensure the best possible work and products.
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